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They say that the only permanent thing on this earth is CHANGE! I believe you will agree with me if I say it is more true these days than before. 

Welcome School Year 2022-2023! Last year was indeed more challenging than the two previous years. After making all the needed preparations and adjustments to cope with ONLINE classroom demands, the modality still took its toll on students and teachers, hard ! 

May I list a few observations. 

1. There was a greater demand for a more reliable internet service. Online lessons and activities rely heavily on good and consistent internet connections. Lesson videos, requirements that need heavy graphics and designs have to be done using fast internet. As new lessons and educational websites mushroomed, the need for faster, more reliable internet connection was unprecedented.

2. There were areas with no or poor internet signal. As students and teachers became mobile, everywhere and anywhere became the new classroom / class time. Students attend classes while in a car travelling to somewhere, on the beach, in a bus, on the farm, in the province, everywhere. Parents take their children on vacation destination and still attend online classes ! Wow ! 

3. Online academic activities became more attractive. Online games are played anytime and anywhere as well. Nobody needs bulky a PC, heavy laptops and other gadgets to play addictive online games and activities. This takes the heavy toll on school children. And they succumb easily!

4. Home setting is not academic specific. For those students who stayed at home, online school had focus issue. Students hear all sorts of neighborhood noise, siblings, chores, house stuff that distracted them so easily and going back to studying became very challenging. Some managed to set up their room or  spot in the house but still there are lots of distractions. To mention a few, the ref, the table, the TV, etc..

5. Missing personal touch. Although Google Classroom allows video class meeting where everyone in class can interact, there is a missing 'magic'. The smiles, the laughter, the scent, the classroom noise, activities, school affairs, everything, it seems !

I know you can add more to these. PCA just hopes that this school year will see us, students, teachers, classmates, everyone, face to face. DepEd hints on blended learning ! Let us keep praying.

(JRP 6/19/22)

Students talk about their school !

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PCA Campus Walkthrough!

(CT: Onei Fadul ("Xanthrons2020")


Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision

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Philosophy of

Adventist Education

Pasay City Academy (PCA) supports the Seventh-day Adventist Church in providing for its youth a balanced development of spiritual life, intellectual maturity, vocational skills, social attitude, and physical education. This is done in harmony with Adventist standards and ideals. It believes in God as source of all moral values and truth as written in His Holy book, the Bible.

PCA  affirms the belief that students are children of God, their teachers are servants of God, and thus commissioned to follow after the mind and will of God. This knowledge of God is based on what is written in the Bible.


Our Vision for the children

Maximizing the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and leadership potentials of responsible and globally competent students of Pasay City Academy.

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Our Mission

Pushing the boundaries to equip students with lifelong learning skills through intensive and intentional programs and activities that are harmonious with the Adventist international educational system.

Our Heritage

In harmony with its’ heritage as a Seventh-day Adventist educational organization - our school fosters a wholesome Christian environment as a vital source of development in intellect, spiritual, social, and physical qualities of our students, faculty, and staff. 

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PCA Principals


Pasay City Academy

Pasay City Academy traces its early beginnings as a church school in 1949 under Pasay Tagalog Church. The first teachers Ms. A. Ordonez and Ms. Lucia Ferrer. It was registered in the Ministry of Education as "Rizal City Adventist School". The first students remember the school housed at the Pasay Tagalog Church at D. Reyes Street along Libertad Street. Sometime in 1950-51, the school was moved to 217A San Juan Street.


PCA was founded as a multi-grade, Elementary School in 1952, jointly sponsored by the Pasay English Church and the Pasay Tagalog Church, after the school moved from San Juan Street to the "Quonset Hut" behind the Pasay English Church. In 1954 the school was moved to the newly constructed, two-story wooden building where it stood for 22 years. During this time it also became a Junior Academy and was renamed Pasay City SDA Elementary School. Ms. Rizalina Tigno-Supit was the first principal when the school was moved to the new wooden building in 1954.

In 1958, the school was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as Pasay City Academy, and in May of that same year it was recognized by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS).

The construction of a fifty-meter wide highway, which began in 1976 connecting Buendia Avenue to Roxas Boulevard affected the academy slicing 272 square meters from the original area. The old building was demolished and a new L-shaped, four-story concrete building was put up through the joint efforts of Pasay Adventist Church and Pasay Central Church. Pastor Alberto C. Regoso led and chaired the PCA Building Committee). Parents, teachers, alumni and friends helped put up PCA to SERVE the needs of the Adventist Youth in the area. This new concrete building was constructed over a period of several years. Portion of the school lot was owned by Pasay Central Church and their church is at the 4th floor of Pasay City Academy.


A place we call "home" !

Gallery 1

Gallery 2 

Photo Credits by Onei Fadul "Xanthrons 2020"


PCA Celebrates 69th Year

of God's Goodness

Watch the messages, greetings, performances of PCA students from Kindergarten to Junior High School

Recognition and 5th Moving Up of PCA 2020

School Year 2019-2020

Recognition and Moving Up Ceremony 

for Junior High School

Recognition and 6th Moving Up of PCA 2021

School Year 2020-2021

Recognition and Moving Up Ceremony 

for Junior High School

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Reach us..


PCA BLDG, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Ext., Brgy 35, Pasay City, NCR, Philippines 1300

PLDT: 8-536-44-76 (Registrar)

Mobile: 0998-169-53-01 (Dolores A. Malabad Principal)

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0998-169-53-01or fill out the following form

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Career Opportunity

Kindly visit Central Luzon Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists Education Dept. Look for  Raquel Fajardo.

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