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Supreme Student Government

Just like that of other schools, PCA has its very own student government council known as the Supreme Student Government (SSG). It is a group of elected leaders aspiring to create a more memorable school life for everyone. Officers want to inspire other students as well and to set a good example to them. SSG officers are in charge of the school activities such as acquaintance party, health emphasis week and Intramural activities to name a few.

Every year, students conduct our SSG election where they either run for office or vote for the next set of officers. As SSG officers, we make sure that our beloved students enjoy their stay at PCA. We participate in brainstorming for ideas, organize and manage school events for everybody to participate and enjoy. The SSG also represents the students to admin meetings whenever called to.

By personal commitment to the Lord, doing their best efforts and loving leadership, they do everything to make the high school  life of the students become happiness in reality. We also assist in spiritual enhancement events such as week of prayers and in weekly chapel convocations. The SSG wants to make sure that the students cultivate a stronger relationship with God by participating in these events. We encourage students to lead and participate in faith building events. We make sure that the Lord comes first in everything we do.

We hope to provide an environment where students feel comfortable and loved. There is no place for any negative energy. We encourage everyone to socialize, to call PCA their home. This way will be easy for them to feel home and say that their fellow students are family. We also want to make sure that in this school, we always put God first and will always remember that He will guide. Every SSG hopes that students will always remember PCA in a happy feel, that there was never a dull moment during their stay. We hope that their relationship and bond with our God becomes stronger.

Being SSG officer is tough at times. We treat each other like family. And we always remember that God. He is always there to help us when we need Him. We are the oil of the school. It is our responsibility to create a strong bond that every PCAian experience, feel and remember. Remembering these challenges helps us do our best and continue to serve Him and lead students and love our Alma Mater, PCA. (Janella Cruz, SSG)


SSG Officers SY: 2019-2020


top left to right: Ms. Maricris Ongpico (Adviser), Royce Ventucillo, Jeni Bautista, Leyla La Madrid, Franz Saramosing, Onei Fadul, Jesamee Bayot, Kurt Ejoc

bottom left to right: Bea Botabara, Francine Nayve, Janella Cruz, Janna Roxas, Yani Bautista, Laraine Rivera

group grade 10.jpg

Grade 10 "XANTHRONS" preparing to perform their last cheer for Intramurals 2020: 'Ablaze'. Mar. 1- 6, 2020

grade 7.jpg

PCA freshmen "Amicalians" having a blast at the 'PCA Aloha, Ohana: Acquaintance Party' June 28, 2019

court game.jpg

Grade 8 "Eruditus Sapphirus" participating and having fun in the Year-End Party 'A Year To Remember'. Dec. 17, 2019

poster making.jpg

Grade 9 "INSIGNIS" posing with their homeroom advisers in Teacher's Day 2019. Oct. 4, 2019

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