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1. Book Prices will be posted here when books are completed.

2. Books will be available once deliveries are completed. Check  
    this page regularly. Thanks for your understanding.

2. ALL STUDENTS (old and new) MUST submit the Filled-up
    DepEd LESF (form)

3. Kindly Complete the down payment amount before
    August 20, 2022.

August 14, 2023

Start of Classes

Check payments paid to:
               "Pasay City Academy of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc."


Online Classroom Etiquette.png
How to get your GSuite Account Name and Passkey
Grade 7 and Transferees:

PM Sir Phods
Messenger Account

'Jonathan Ramos Phodaca'

Grade 8,9,10
PM Sir 'Lui Barredo'
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